Product Lifecycle Management

Is your business doing all it can to embrace forward-looking product development strategies? Have you considered what product lifecycle management software is necessary for long-term market success? Are you ready to begin your digital transformation journey by migrating to the cloud and incorporating data-based digital twin and digital thread technologies into your data management and product lifecycle management processes?

Even if you have answered yes to these questions, they are only a small fraction of the challenges facing your product management and engineering teams. In addition, your customers want mass customization – they want to define how their products are configured – and they want those products in their hands as fast as possible. As products, manufacturing processes, supply chains, and product lifecycle management become more complex, getting products to market faster and more efficiently takes on greater urgency.

Inspirage Delivers

Keeping customers happy is not your only priority. Regulatory and compliance challenges are increasing all the time — and are likely to influence every manufacturing and product lifecycle management process even more in the future. For example, medical device manufacturers must ensure their products comply with the regulations of every jurisdiction where they market products. Product lifecycle management software simplifies reporting processes and facilitates compliance with minimal disruption by enabling data-sharing with third-party organizations, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and comparable agencies elsewhere. To do all this — and to drive more rapid product development, manufacturing, and commercialization processes — you need greater collaboration and visibility across the extended supply chain. The key to gaining that visibility is leveraging cloud-based product lifecycle management software.

Inspirage’s Product Lifecycle Management team makes it easy to address these priorities by supplying digital, cloud-based software solutions that deliver data-based business results through the entire product lifecycle. We understand that getting to market and growing revenue faster requires greater enterprise-wide visibility and collaboration. We also appreciate the benefits of incorporating digital twin and digital thread strategies into your manufacturing and product lifecycle management initiatives, and other business processes. (“Digital twins” and “digital threads” are product data-based visual representations of a product or processes during distinct stages of the product lifecycle.)

You’re in Good Company

Inspirage’s expertise lies in facilitating digital transformations by helping our clients migrate product data from outdated product lifecycle management platforms to the Oracle Cloud. In the process, we give you the knowledge and resources necessary for improving your supply chain, consistently designing and manufacturing superior products, and bringing those products to market with an unwavering focus on cost, quality, and compliance. Our Product Lifecycle Management team helps you accomplish these goals, whether you produce medical devices, life sciences products, industrial equipment, consumer goods, or any other product or service.

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When you’re ready to revolutionize your business
by digitally transforming your product development,
product launch, and data management processes,
Inspirage is your trusted partner for an efficient
and effortless transition to the Oracle Cloud.

We’ve Got You Covered

The Inspirage PLM team’s deep expertise with the Oracle Cloud platform is what sets us apart. We are highly skilled and experienced at designing, configuring, and implementing your business’s industry-specific PLM software solutions to stay competitive in the market. We know that the data model for high-tech manufacturing will not look the same for medical device or consumer goods manufacturing — and we deliver intuitive, customized solutions users can embrace from day one.

Recipe Management in Action
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Compliance in Action
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We can do this because we understand the development process for Oracle products better than anyone else. Some of our team members have previously worked in Oracle Product Management, and we maintain close relationships with the individuals who develop and market new Oracle Product Lifecycle Management tools. Inspirage has achieved Oracle Cloud Service Expertise from the Oracle PartnerNetwork for Product Lifecycle Management Cloud software applications. We are recognized industry-wide for our expertise in Product Lifecycle Management.

By facilitating your transformational journey to the Oracle Cloud, our Product Lifecycle Management team integrates your most critical product data, product development, manufacturing, product management, and supply chain processes. We do it by getting your data out of your old platform, transforming it, establishing the correct procedures, and successfully implementing your new software. The result? A technology solution that ties each data management process together efficiently and seamlessly to bring your product to market faster and more cost-effectively.

The Inspirage Product Lifecycle Management team is qualified to streamline every aspect of your product development, product launch, and data management processes with the Oracle Cloud, from product design through commercialization and across your integrated supply chain. And because we do everything for you, from the planning process through implementation and beyond, help is always just a phone call or an e-mail away. Your products, markets, manufacturing processes, product lifecycles, and supply chains are more complex than ever, as are the buying habits of your customers. That is why leveraging effective product lifecycle management software, strategies, and a cloud-certified, award-winning partner has never been more critical.

Learn More About Oracle Cloud Product Lifecycle Management Applications

Innovation Management
Product Development
Quality Management
Product Master Data Management
Configurator Modeling
Innovation Management
Accelerate idea evaluation, selection, and execution

• Single repository and connected process for innovation
• Ideation and requirements management
• Business proposals
• What-if scenarios for concepts, requirements, and proposals
• Embedded analytics and decision traceability

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Product Development
Manage today’s complex products and specifications, optimize component reuse, reduce design cost, enforce change control, support generative design with lifecycle data, reduce supply risk and more

• Item management and custom attributes
• Item grading rules and item attachments
• Product structure/bill of materials
• Engineering change orders
• Project and work task relationship
• Social collaboration

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Quality Management
Identify, analyze, and correct quality events and improve the overall effectiveness, safety, and profitability of products and services 

• Fully integrated quality management
• Analytics-driven navigation with visual infolets 
• Risk and quality issue management
• Corrective action and audit management 
• Document management and control 
• Change management 

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Product Master Data Management
Rapidly commercialize, govern, and publish product master data for globalized manufacturing and omnichannel commerce, while seamlessly syndicating data to internal and external applications

• Unify product data from multiple sources
• Assemble multidimensional, enterprise-accessible product records
• Enforce governance policies and compliance
• Share accurate product data

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Configurator Modeling
Enable flexible modeling of configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services

• Build configurator models in an intuitive development environment
• Design a customized user experience
• Manage the configurator model lifecycle

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