Inspirage Product Data Integration with Key Stakeholders Using PLM Cloud

Accelerating new product launch through enhanced collaboration with key business partners and agencies

The fact that major industries have complex, interconnected, global supply chains has probably never been more evident than over these past several years. Due to their size, there is growing collaboration between competitor brands, suppliers, wholesalers, and web shops across the globe to present product information to customers on a common platform. A singular solution enables customers to see their choices and make informed purchases. Collaboration also benefits brands and suppliers by increasing their efficiency and fostering healthy competition.

Inspirage has developed a solution that can seamlessly integrate brand/supplier product data in Oracle Cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to these collaborative platforms using Oracle Integration Cloud. The solution enables the flow of core and foundational product data by integrating product management business processes and data exchange.

Use Case: Tradesolution Norway
Inspirage’s Product Data Integration with Tradesolution Norway, which is independent of the product structure in PLM, does the following: creates products in Tradesolution from the PLM product data; receives the EPD number created by Tradesolution for the product and returns it to Oracle Cloud PLM; receives automated and manual quality approval feedback from Tradesolution in Oracle Cloud PLM; synchronizes PLM product data and status with Tradesolution while the product moves through the release workflow; and updates supplier and recipient information in Tradesolution to manage data security. An integration dashboard records every integration call and status, and error scenarios can be retriggered from the dashboard. In addition, bulk data loads can be done for the mass update requirements.

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