Inspirage Cloud PLM: Enhancing and Automating Product Data Security

Automating Security Access Propagation in Oracle Fusion Cloud Product Development

Oracle Cloud Product Development (PD) clients that allow suppliers and other external users access to their systems must be highly confident in the security of their product data and IP. The Oracle Cloud’s sophisticated security model (roles and privileges) provides the ability to configure the platform and address client needs, including powerful options to deploy privileges based on hierarchy in the Item Class. Challenges arise when the use case is more dynamic, when users or roles are transient, or when they are dependent on supply chain or quality assurance activity.

Inspirage’s PD Automation and Security Access Propagation tools give engineering, supply chain, and quality assurance teams the ability to seamlessly update the Item Team and Change Security privileges. It provides a dynamic process for constantly adjusting external users’ access and directs them to relevant records only. The solution, which extends the cloud platform without requiring an automation server, uses Application Composer and Web Services to incorporate dynamic security access propagation on the platform.

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