Logistics Management

Success in your product-based company hinges on logistics and getting the right goods and resources to the right people – on budget and on time. However, on a given day any number of obstacles can frustrate your supply chain and overall logistics management performance goals. From the rising costs of transportation to inventory shortages and weak relationships with suppliers to a lack of raw materials, these challenges cover the whole gamut of logistics processes.

Inspirage is your one-stop shop for Logistics Management and supply chain solutions. Whether your organization requires assistance with a solution to manage your transportation and delivery services, ensure proper product classification, or efficiently track your inventory, Inspirage’s team of specialists has the skills, processes, solutions, and technical know-how to bring cost-efficiency to delivery, predictability to inventory, and reliability to your global supply chain.

Inspirage Delivers

Inspirage is uniquely qualified to help you optimize your logistics management and supply chain management processes as well as your customer service initiatives. Leveraging our partnership with Oracle and our seasoned staff — many of whom have more than a decade of experience in logistics management and supply chain software consulting and development — Inspirage has helped deliver efficient, consistent, and connected Logistics Management solutions to clients in numerous product-based industries.

Over the years, those clients have included businesses in consumer goods, wholesale, retail, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, and many more, including those listed below. We are a perennial award winner, recently honored again as Oracle’s SCM Service Delivery Partner of the Year for our success in helping clients leverage Oracle supply chain management solutions to meet critical business objectives. Inspirage has also achieved Service Expertise in Cloud OTM, GTM, and WMS Cloud. Our customers know that we will deliver quality results and minimize the risks for their logistics needs.

You’re in Good Company

When it comes to helping our clients manage successful Logistics Management implementations, we have expertise covering all industries. Inspirage has delivered solutions across the board, from exercise equipment to online pet retailers to food processing and packaging. Our case studies delve into a broad spectrum of client projects, which detail their pain points, goals, and how Inspirage helped each client bridge the gap with cloud-based logistics solutions.

Customer Testimonial: Rail Logistics Company
Provider of shipping and logistics services finds operational synergies in the Oracle Cloud
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Customer Spotlight: Agricultural Co-Op
Major agricultural co-operative gains flexibility with OTM and GTM Cloud
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Customer Spotlight: Exercise Equipment
Global fitness brand strengthens its fulfillment muscles with help from Oracle WMS Cloud
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When you’re ready to revolutionize your business
by digitally transforming your Logistics operations,
Inspirage is your trusted partner for an efficient
and effortless transition to the Oracle Cloud.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our highly experienced team of transportation and warehousing experts covers the whole suite of Oracle Cloud Logistics Management applications, including Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), Global Trade Management (GTM), and Warehouse Management (WMS). While these logistics software applications are ready to use right out-of-the-box, our team can customize and tailor them with Inspirage’s PaaS and SaaS solutions to address your business goals and stiffest challenges. Our library of in2® solutions helps our clients succeed by minimizing risks, accelerating timelines, reducing costs, and moving customers along in their digital supply chain journeys.

Transportation Management in Action
Learn more about the cool new features in OTM 22C
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Global Trade Management in Action
Learn more about four technologies set to transform global logistics
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Warehouse Management in Action
Learn why seamless warehouse management is central to supply chain success
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OTM Cloud provides a single platform to proactively manage all activity related to business logistics, including the transportation and delivery of goods, operational planning, freight billing and payment, logistics network modeling, and carrier and rate management.

GTM Cloud is a global trade management repository that centralizes all the processes related to both procurement logistics and outbound logistics in an international environment. The solution offers unrivaled visibility and control over every aspect of international trade, including product classification, sanction screening, content upload, and trade regulation.

WMS Cloud is a state-of-the-art system that leverages speed and visibility to support all the logistics management activities occurring in your warehouse, including inventory management. From tasking and location management to receiving, material handling, cross-docking, and seamless barcode scanning, Warehouse Management Cloud streamlines your warehouse supply chain operations from distribution center to goods’ arrival on store shelves.

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Logistics Network Modeling
Warehouse Management
Transportation Management (OTM)
Transportation Operational Planning
Fleet Management
Global Trade Management (GTM)
Intelligent Technologies
Logistics Network Modeling
Perform accurate what-if scenario modeling to optimize your transportation network, and determine the best option considering the time and cost impact of the proposed changes and easily deploy them

• Determine impact of change and disruption
• Analyze dashboards and operational metrics

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Warehouse Management
Combine the speed and savings of the cloud with the industry leader in cloud-based inventory and warehouse management systems

• Mobile user interface support for barcode scanning with wireless RF/mobile handhelds
• Inventory tracking with license plate numbers
• Receiving, cross docking, and directed put-away
• Tasking and location management
• Route, shipment, and store distribution management

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Transportation Management (OTM)
Manage all logistics activity throughout your supply chains with a single transportation management platform

• Transportation procurement 
• Transportation order management
• Carrier and rate management
• Fleet and driver management
• Order and shipment planning
• Shipment booking and tendering
• Freight audit and payment

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Transportation Operational Planning
Determine the best way to fulfill transportation needs, from simple point-to-point to complex multi-modal, multi-leg, and cross-dock operations to determine the best routing options optimizing rapid delivery and cost

• Optimize your logistics network
• Build effective shipping plans 
• Streamline bids and orders

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Fleet Management
Ensure capacity to fulfill orders and shipments with an integrated approach to managing owned assets and third-party providers, resulting in on-time shipments, reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction

• Implement fleet-specific planning and optimization
• Monitor financial performance
• Leverage an integrated fleet environment

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Global Trade Management (GTM)
Centrally manage your global trade operations with a unique global compliance solution supporting companies of all sizes in all geographies

• Automatic global trade content upload
• Centralized master trade data repository
• Easy and proper product classification
• Fast and accurate restricted party and sanction screening

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Intelligent Technologies
Reshape logistics management by applying adaptive technologies to drive efficiencies across your end-to-end transportation and distribution process

• Provide real-time shipment status
• Gain better supply chain visibility
• Predict transit times accurately
• Allocate resources efficiently
• Eliminate excess inventory

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