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Get the most out of your technology investment in an accelerated manner with the help of our application and integration experts.

There’s a reason why our projects are on time and on budget and that companies large and small come to us for their biggest technical challenges. With our proven methodology, robust arsenal of over 100 industry-focused solutions, and application expertise, Inspirage provides unparalleled systems consulting expertise to enable the best practice implementations of leading ERP, Supply Chain Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Digital platforms.

Our Services

How do you quickly get value from your business applications and maximize the return on your application investment? Our proven implementation and integration methodologies help customers achieve faster ROI and increased value as your business goals evolve. Learn more about our services:

Application Implementation Methodology
Rapid Value Implementations
Integration Management (iHub CS®)
Hybrid Cloud
Enterprise Data Management
Application Implementation Methodology
Speed and agility to meet on-time / on-budget metrics and ensure that our clients achieve their business goals

• Analyze the total business process holistically 
• Design that supports the higher level processes and objectives
• Determine scope of systems and process improvements

• Build and test the solution
• Key user training
• System testing 

• Manage training, system cutover, and post-production support
Rapid Value Implementations
Fast ROI and increased value as your business goals evolve

Our proven Rapid Value methodology helps customers combine value-based project planning, leading practice implementation accelerators, and pre-configured packages to provide value and a strong foundation for growth.  

Rapid Value 90 features multiple tiers of service that can meet any company’s budgetary and functional requirements, all within 90 days or less. The offerings differ slightly depending on which application set you are deploying.
Integration Management (iHub CS®)
Our unified platform for end-to-end data and application integration

iHub CS® is a flexible solution that offers reusable integration assets and out-of-the-box functionalities to complete business processes

• 4th Generation Integration Service – Without the hassles and complexities of traditional integration platforms
• Pre-build Integrations – For leading cloud and on-prem applications plus big data, mobile, and IoT devices
• Intuitive Dashboard & Data Mapping Tools – Embedded analytics that track status, performance, and data volume monitoring
• IaaS-level Security – EDI, XML, SOA, JSON, and other communication protocols
Hybrid Cloud
Limitless application scalability and functionality anywhere

Public, Private, On-Premise: Integrating on-premise and cloud-based tools is an important undertaking that isn’t just about maintaining software or hardware – it’s a critical process that incorporates the cost-efficiency of the cloud with the proprietary data control of on-premise environments, leaving organizations with a system that they can depend on.

In order to thrive in a hybrid environment, organizations need to increase transparency and traceability within their supply chains through effective integration of their systems, data, and analytics.

Integrate legacy on-premise systems with new cloud investments: Connect with the extended enterprise (customers and suppliers)
Enterprise Data Management
Enhance value by turning data into action with a single, accurate, and trustworthy source for better decision making

Consulting Services:
• Data-driven digital transformation and and process harmonization
• Training and implementation workshops
• Strategy and implementation roadmap
• End-to-end data management solutions
• Data readiness assessment

Delivery Services:
• Rapid data transformation from on-premise to cloud
• IP-driven MDM deployments – on-premise and cloud
• Oracle data quality tools enablement
• Data maintenance subscription services
• DQaaS – Data Quality as a Service

Featured Solutions

Whether you’re dealing with on-prem to on-prem, on-prem to Cloud, or Cloud to Cloud, our team is ready to tackle the most challenging implementation and integration initiatives. Having delivered hundreds of successful implementations, we’ve developed flexible solutions that are ready to respond to system updates and upgrades with minimal impact including:

Manage integrations across complex on-prem and cloud-based solutions solutions
Now in its fourth generation, iHub Cloud Service offers pre-built integrations between leading cloud and on-prem ERP, supply chain management, PLM, and logistics applications.
Springboard your supply chain to greatness
Learn how you can launch your supply chain improvements through a fast-track Cloud journey
Accelerate your cloud implementations
Rapid Value 90 features multiple tiers of service that can meet any company’s budgetary and functional requirements, all within 90 days or less.

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