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$6 Billion

Industrial Supplies Distributor Transforms Customs Compliance and Entry Processing with OTM and GTM Cloud

Shipping, tracking, and delivering millions of assorted products across the globe in a timely and efficient manner is no simple task — particularly for companies that lack adequate resources to manage U.S. customs compliance requirements. Delayed shipments often result in added costs, more time-consuming manual work, and the need to increase headcount to manage supplemental processes.

Our customer, a U.S.-based distributor of industrial and construction products, serves businesses in the manufacturing and non-residential construction markets, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) organizations. The company chose Inspirage, Part of Accenture, to help improve its shipping processes due to our previous success implementing Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) Cloud at 50 of its work sites. The objective was to increase resource productivity by reducing manual work, connecting disparate systems, and creating a single platform that aligns with long-term company strategy.

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