Cloud Advisory Services

Inspirage can provide comprehensive Management Consulting Advisory Services to help you understand when and how to incorporate Cloud-based solutions into your overall Supply Chain IT strategy.

With many different cloud deployment choices out there, business leaders have the advantage of being able to choose from a wide variety of options. The model may vary from Private cloud to Public cloud, yet Hybrid tends to be the most realistic option for large companies. But the process of devising an optimal cloud solution can prove challenging for companies that are new to this space, which is where cloud advisory services can play an invaluable role in helping users to develop the best cloud solution. Advisory services are designed to assess a company’s preparedness for cloud computing, run cloud education and infrastructure-based workshops, and ultimately prepare any user to maximize its potential with cloud-based solutions.

Inspirage Management Consulting team offers Roadmap and Advisory Services to help you learn when and how you’ll get there. Our Cloud advisory services include:

  • Cloud adoption readiness assessments and workshops
  • Cloud deployment strategy: functional sequencing, co-existence and business process orchestration in hybrid systems (cloud-cloud & cloud-on premise)
  • Data management, security, governance and migration strategy
  • Enterprise architecture and integration strategy
  • Assistance in quantifying ROI and benefit realization
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