Accelerate your data onboarding to Oracle Cloud

Using Inspirage’s Cloud Data Migration Tools

Historically, the migration of data into your PLM/ ERP/SCM solution is one of the hardest and more error-prone work streams of your implementation project. Inspirage’s Cloud Data Migration Toolset is an automated approach of extracting legacy PLM, SCM, and/or ERP data, then transforming and loading that data into Oracle Cloud while also providing an archive. One of the primary benefits of using Oracle PLM/ERP/SCM Cloud is the ability to rapidly implement industry best practice processes.

The Inspirage Cloud Data Migration Toolset automates the process of extracting data from a legacy system and loading the transformed data into Oracle Cloud. The solution minimizes user involvement, improving efficiency and quality. Inspirage can ‘turnkey’ the data migration process, while also incorporating validations and other data quality improvement steps into the process. Our deep knowledge of the source and target systems has allowed us to build a flexible toolset that enables rapid system deployment.

Inspirage Cloud Migration tool set is a comprehensive toolset that will help you accelerate your data extraction, data preparation and significantly improving the quality of the data that is ready to be loaded into Cloud SCM/ERP.

In many client scenarios, only the current production revision is required for migration. We have also found that there is limited value in migrating obsolete product data into a new system. Some customers have chosen to continue to run legacy systems simply to provide access to product and change history; however, continuing to run the old software creates IT challenges that limit the value in implementing a new system. The Inspirage Agile PLM Archive Solution preserves your PLM data in a highly intuitive user interface, with minimal IT system requirements. The archive enables fast and efficient product and document access, while also allowing your company to retire your old systems and optimize the data loaded into Cloud.

Turnkey the entire data migration process, from extraction through migration to Oracle PLM Cloud, using Inspirage’s Cloud Data Migration Solution

  1. Reduce user involvement and improve the end-to-end conversion of source data
  2. Improve data migration quality and cycle-time, driving predictability and accuracy, while reducing overall implementation timelines and costs
  3. Balance the migration of vital product data to PLM Cloud, SCM Cloud, and ERP Cloud while leaving lesser needed product history in a solution that is built for ease of use

Shane Goodwin | Key Contributor

Shane Goodwin is an Enterprise Software Product Manager and Implementation Consultant with 18 years of experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), specifically Agile PLM. As a lead Product Manager at Inspirage, he specializes in all Oracle PLM solutions and has worked directly with some of the our largest PLM customers.