Organizational Change Management

change managementThe term “change management” refers to the process by which organizations undertake variations in their business strategies and processes in order to become more innovative, improve flexibility and more readily adapt to a constantly evolving global marketplace. For supply chain operators, change management is absolutely critical; the way in which you react to certain events and improve your business has a hand in determining how you succeed as a business.

Achieving the full-potential of any transformation and giving organizations the power to transform business processes with minimal disruption is a challenge businesses face today. In addition, getting the most out of existing and new technology solutions, as well as adapting innovative business processes while gathering organizational alignment is an issue for businesses wanting to quickly adapt to transformational practices.

System and tool implementation is a difficult and high cost proposition that places tremendous demands on corporate time and resources. Many implementations without Organizational Change Management involvement have been classified as failures because they did not achieve predetermined corporate goals.

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