Ensuring the Ongoing Success of Your Supply Chain IT Investments

amsThroughout history, the supply chain has always been considered a cost center for companies. A recent global survey by a leading consultancy firm shows that only 45% of participants acknowledged the supply chain as a strategic asset. There is constant pressure on the supply chain to reduce costs and optimize assets. This ever-increasing demand for an efficient, effective, nimble, responsive supply chain can be achieved by leveraging technology and thus help companies achieve their goals.

The truth is no technology project is ever truly finished. Due to constantly evolving business and technology environments, project owners are faced with a growing backlog of requests for improvements and changes to the project scope even before they “go live.” So they find themselves caught up in a never-ending cycle of ad hoc efforts to find financial resources and internal/external people to support the new requirements. After acquiring the resources they still have to integrate and educate the new team on the existing processes and systems. As a result, many companies find they are underutilizing their supply chain technology. With Application Managed Services (AMS) consultants serve as an extension of your organization and act as “One Team” reporting up to the business champion. This program ensures the long-term project success and realization of continuous business improvements by leveraging the breadth of experienced consulting talent and support professionals.

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