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Market ResearchWorking with a team of academics and industry thought leaders, Inspirage’s Management Consulting team recently led a research study, “The Future of Supply Chain in the Cloud,” looking at Cloud buying behaviors that focused on top IT and business executives across a variety of industries in the supply chain space. The research took place between November 2015 and January 2016 and was conducted using a two-pronged approach: a quantitative survey of over 200 participants and executive interviews with over 30 executives to shed light on these quantitative results. Over 32% of our respondents were c-level or senior executives with a focus on supply chain, primarily in large enterprises. Some key results: 81% of supply chain leaders are looking to the Cloud to improve internal operations and reduce costs and inefficiencies and 70% of supply chain leaders would move to Cloud if it helped reduce costs. The main result as summed up by Mo Khurana, Senior Director, Management Consulting Practice, “It’s really not a question of if your business will move to the Cloud, but rather when. Companies need to know where they stand against their competition.”

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