Inspirage’s Data as a Service (DaaS) eBook

Inspirage’s Data as a Service, or DaaS, is the only tool on the market that holistically addresses the challenges above and helps businesses enhance their overall customer experience. Our methodology accelerates data integration, cleansing, transformation, and validation to Oracle Cloud ERP and allows enterprises to overcome day-to-day data challenges. This cloud strategy is used to facilitate the transformation and accessibility of business-critical data in a well-timed, protected, and seamless manner. The big picture idea behind the Inspirage DaaS model is about offloading the burdens of data management from our clients to the Inspirage EDM (Enterprise Data Management). Inspirage takes a comprehensive approach through flexible data onboarding, robust data profiling, seamless data transformation, rapid business process enablement and data democratization, and complete data quality and governance.

How well do you know your data? Is your data reliable and ready to support your company’s digital transformation?

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