How to Drive Better Business Value with Product Data Management

Business Value Product Data Management

All companies (large, Mid-size, Small) perform global operations across different geographies and continents. Due to changing business needs, there is a constant demand for flexibility in supply chain operations in order to deploy a quick global go-to-market strategy. Multiple Master Data Management systems, data quality and more than one ‘golden’ record for products, customers, suppliers etc. are some of the biggest challenges faced by companies.

This white paper will provide an overview of the business problems associated with managing item data globally across multiple inventory locations and identify the key problem areas. In addition, the paper will also walk through details on how to manage product data across multiple/regional applications to create competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Inspirage can help address the challenges around Product Data with its industry leading Master Data Management capabilities. The recommendations provided should serve only as a guideline to improve day-to-day operations. The actual operational details will vary based on client business requirements.

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