An ERP Strategy for Growing Mid-Market Utility Companies

To compete effectively in the energy market, maintain service uptimes, and improve customer service levels, utilities need a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that can effectively manage intra-state or intra-country transactions, handle industry-specific workflows, and control specific operating functions. Reliant on inefficient or outdated systems, many mid-market utilities are missing out on functionality that could help them operate more profitably. This business guide highlights the key challenges utilities face when using aging on-premises software systems and explains the value that NetSuite brings to these organizations by giving mid-market utilities a robust business operating platform and fully-integrated, industry-specific functionality.

By combining NetSuite’s robust platform capabilities with the SuiteSuccess implementation methodology, Inspirage helps mid-market utilities across all energy categories get the most out of the ERP system. An agile and staged pathway, SuiteSuccess helps customers to succeed by ensuring the partner is engaging with them continuously throughout their lifecycle and adding functionality if and when it’s needed to support growth. Inspirage helps utilities leverage best practices that it’s learned from similar implementations. Whether it’s customer acquisition, asset management, or billing, it knows utilities’ business requirements and can effectively enable NetSuite to meet their needs. In some cases, the integrated applications are SuiteApps that were built specifically for NetSuite.

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