Addressing High-Tech and Semiconductor Companies’ Complex Needs With Cloud ERP

With NetSuite as the backbone, Inspirage helps high-tech and semiconductor companies optimize their ERP systems across many different functions while also allowing them to leverage Oracle applications — all on one, unified business system. Semiconductor and high-tech companies are doubling down on their technology plans, reskilling their workforces, optimizing remote work capabilities and ensuring that their processes are transparent, resilient and flexible.

Yet, despite their best intentions, many of these companies are letting their aging, on-premises business management systems interfere with those plans. Whether they’re using on-premises legacy systems, homegrown solutions, Excel spreadsheets or a combination of all three, high-tech and semiconductor organizations that have put off moving to the cloud are paying the price for their hesitancy. This business guide explores the highs and lows of operating in high-growth, tech-based markets, and explains how combining a unified cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with leading industry applications can help organizations work smarter, better and faster.

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