Use IoT to Understand Your Customer and Improve Your Products

Deliver better, more targeted products with IoT

WebinarThink about the products you are developing today. Are you able to measure the usage of features you are adding? How are you planning to use that information? Will it be available to the key product decision makers working on the next iterations of your products? Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting product sensor data back to product development companies. The companies who are best able to learn about their customers to deliver better and more targeted product features will be able to command more market share and higher prices.

Watch this webinar on demand and hear Shane Goodwin, Solution Director and Mark Ollerenshaw, Solution Architect for Inspirage and John Kelley VP of Product Strategy, Oracle discuss how PLM with IoT enables your product teams to learn more about your customers and their use of your products. These insights enable you to make better decisions about features to deliver in future products.

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