Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Leading data-driven enterprises know the value of analytics solutions that give them insight into every level of their supply chains. When it comes to keeping the supply chain running in the most efficient, effective way possible, organizations depend on the information they derive from their data in order to track a number of important factors, including:

  • Vendor financial stability
  • Environmental issues that may cause some parts of the supply chain distress (e.g., tornadoes or earthquakes)
  • Market statistics that drive consumer and corporate demand

All of these variables need to be tracked in order for operations to flow smoothly and organizations to be successful with their supply chain operations. For this reason, it’s critical to have analytics solutions in place in order to create real, actionable information from the data you’ve gathered. But where do you go to get these tools, and how do you use them to support the most effective use of this information?

In the software industry, the “buy vs. build” question is common. Do you buy pre-packaged tools, or do you build custom-tailored solutions that will truly be the best for your needs? Sometimes, it may seem like buying solutions is the best course of action


At Inspirage, we’re here to help you realize the full benefit of your analytics solutions. The main advantage of having Inspirage as a Business Intelligence and Analytics partner is that we can help you make the most out of your analytics tools. We can help you parse through the mountains of data collected in order to give you access to the information you need the most – the details that will support your supply chain and create meaning for your operations.

Our analytics experts are here to help you develop that custom-made solution, but we’re also here to make sure you’re using your pre-packaged tools in a way that will bring the most optimal value to your supply chain. Using our industry-based solutions and custom services, we’ll get you to where you need to be.

For more information about how Inspirage can help you parse through your structured and unstructured data, give us a call today or download our datasheet.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics Benefits and FeaturesBusiness Intelligence and Analytics

As a leader in business intelligence solutions, Inspirage can help anyone in your business gain access to critical information and data. It’s our mission to deliver analytic solutions and actionable intelligence to our customers so that they can see into their own supply chains and operations and make decisions based on real data – not just on intuition alone.

When you use data on a day-to-day basis, it can help you shape the direction of your company and provide a better understanding of all the working parts in your supply chain. You need to be able to review the demand for your product, figure out how you’re going to meet that demand and then run simulations that show every possibility – all in the name of better serving your own customers’ needs or driving increases in revenue.

Here are some of the main characteristics of our consulting services:

  • We have the subject matter expertise necessary to take your big data projects to the next level – we deliver business-centric solutions for enterprise process improvement.
  • We’re able to deliver results quickly via our reusable, pre-built, customizable IP.
  • Our robust solutions scale as your company grows and as your customers’ needs expand.
  • We can build custom reports and dashboards in order to fulfill your needs.

A key reason to partner with Inspirage is the fact that we are able to sync with a number of leading industry analytics solutions. Our experts are familiar with Oracle analytics tools, as well as those offered by companies like Tableau, SAP and IBM. Every organization needs to learn how to read the supply chain data brought to the table – and Inspirage is here to craft a solution that will do just that for you.

We work with users and consultants to identify their data needs. No two businesses are the same, therefore no two businesses have identical requirements as far as what information they need to parse out of their analytics solutions. No matter what kind of data your business works with and no matter where you have it stored, we can help you design a solution that fits your specific needs and then graft it onto your business processes – effectively giving you a seamless solution to all of your data analysis issues.

Why is Inspirage the best choice to turn to for help using your business intelligence solutions? In short, we’re experts who do one thing and one thing only – therefore, we do it well. No matter which industry your business calls home, our team will be able to work with you to find the right solution. Our specialists come from various industry backgrounds, so they know the intimate ins and outs of each field and understand how the flow of information impacts the supply chain for these specific verticals.

Say, for example, your organization operates in the oil and gas industry. Several key challenges could arise, including inefficiencies due to the use of multiple analytics tools and low productivity in the planning process because these myriad systems remain non-integrated. What do you do? Partnering with Inspirage allows companies within this sector to address issues by integrating solutions and gaining assistance in the planning process. Having a dedicated expert on your team who knows how to implement business intelligence solutions in conjunction with your current environment is invaluable, and with Inspirage, you have access to a whole team of experts. This allows companies to increase productivity and improve operational efficiencies.

For more information about Inspirage’s interactions with different industries, including Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing, please visit our dedicated pages.

Oil & Gas
Oil &
Life Sciences
Consumer Goods
High Tech
Industrial Manufacturing


Inspirage’s BI & Analytics solutions range from cloud-based tools to on-premises applications and everything in between. Our services are ready to be tailored to your needs, no matter what kind of data you have or what you want to use it for. We assist you in integrating your business intelligence solutions with your supply chain so that you can unlock the data you’ve collected and use it to drive improvements in your organization.

Our solutions branch out from four different areas:

1) Packaged Applications

With our assistance, you can install, integrate, customize and extend Oracle’s packaged analytics applications with additional data, dashboards and reports. This can bring value to wider business transformation projects or focused analytics initiatives.

  • Advanced Planning Command Center – Inspirage can help your organization plan the supply chain, perform predictive modeling and automate business process execution. We offer out-of-the-box planning analytics so that you can get the best ROI as quickly as possible, and our solutions are always completely integrated with existing supply chain planning tools.
  • Transportation Intelligence – We deliver visibility into your transportation processes and trading partner performance. What this means is that we can transform your transportation data into actionable insights dealing with your logistics processes.
  • Global Trade Intelligence – With these solutions, our customers can have better visibility across their trading portfolios. Import and export operations depend on key data points – Oracle Global Trade Intelligence solutions analyze this information and bring important insights to the table.
  • Product Lifecycle Analysis – Manage product lifecycles more efficiently and effectively.
  • Primavera Analytics – Improve your project performance with the Oracle Primavera P6 Analytics application. With this, you can uncover valuable insights into your operations and forecast key variables throughout your business processes.

2) Cloud 

This solution area combines thought-leading business intelligence and analytic expertise with Oracle cloud services and Cloud BI platform solutions.

  • Oracle Transactional BI (OTBI)
  • Packaged Analytic Apps
  • Data Integration with on-premises solutions
  • Cloud BI platform

3) Custom Services

With our custom Business Intelligence and Analytics services, we can tailor your solutions to your needs in order to create a successful strategy. Pre-sales support teams are there to help you make the best decision; in addition, Inspirage can design enterprise solutions to fit your operations.

  • Solution architecture and approach – On-premises and Cloud BI platforms
  • Data discovery and visualization tools
  • Data integration
  • Tuning and Optimization

4) Industry Solutions

Inspirage works in a few key industries that depend on their supply chain data. Our experts can determine how much inventory you need to have on hand at any given moment by looking at your data and helping you implement your Oracle business intelligence software.

  • Oil and Gas
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Consumer Packages
  • Benchmarking

The Bottom Line

With Inspirage’s BI & Analytics experts, organizations can drill down into their data and create real meaning for their supply chains. In order to understand how much of a product to make, how many resources to keep on hand at a site or any number of other data-driven metrics, companies need to be able to derive actionable insight from their collected data.

Deploying analytics tools like Oracle Business Intelligence applications is the first step to understanding more about your supply chain; Inspirage’s business intelligence and analytics consulting facilitates that next step in diving into your collected data and unlocking the meaning beneath it.

Get in touch with the business intelligence solutions experts at Inspirage today for more information about how our expertise and services can help you unlock the potential value of your organization’s supply chain data.

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