Transforming Business with Internet of Things

Learn how you can harness the power of IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning, Digital Twin, and Digital Thread to modernize your enterprise.

By 2020, there will be 20.8 billion devices connected to the Internet* and 50% of G2000 companies will depend on digitally-enhanced products, services and experiences.** Will your company be a laggard or a leader in the digital economy? During this webinar Inspirage discussed how you can leverage IoT technologies and adapt to the changing economic landscape. Does your company know how to harness its power through Oracle IoT Applications? Inspirage can help to leverage these solutions and get smart with predictive, machine learning algorithms and quickly extend core SCM and ERP processes—with real-time IoT data and insights. Oracle then shared how companies can run integrated, predictive analytics on Oracle IoT with reliably and security. Learn how to quickly collect data from all types of devices, run integrated predictive analytics on IoT and how streaming data and big data seamlessly integrate through extended enterprise applications and processes with IoT data.

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