Future Proof Your Order Management System

How will your supply chain stack up?

Order to Cash WebinarWith supply chains growing more complex and customer expectations ever increasing, the need to fill orders consistently and efficiently while meeting customer demands is always on the rise. Is your order management system ready for the future and how will it stack up? Navneet Goel, Executive VP and Sandeep Thigulla, Sr. Manager, Solution Architecture at Inspirage and Mark Carson, Product Strategy at Oracle will help you re-imagine your order-to-cash process with a practical path to the cloud. Join us to discuss options for a secure cloud alternative for manufacturing, functionality and more so you can focus on your growing business and get the most out of your innovation. With Order-to-Cash you will find a comprehensive, integrated inventory, manufacturing, procurement, Finance, CPQ and commerce solution to simplify and improve business processes. Finally, learn how smart technology will affect the supply chains of the future.

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