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$3.6 Billion

Global Medical Device Manufacturer Chooses Oracle Cloud for Better Forecasting, Planning, and Execution

Our client, a global medical device manufacturer that markets more than 16,000 products in 135 countries, faced a significant obstacle: Its home-grown IT systems could not keep up with its evolving business needs. To ensure its long-term goals remain within reach, the organization required a best-in-class, scalable solution capable of supporting complex operations across the enterprise and providing the validation necessary to sell its products in highly regulated environments.

The company had built its legacy forecasting system on a Qlik platform, and it had several shortcomings. In particular, updating forecasts by entering additional data from multiple stakeholders proved difficult. Inputting new data required excessive effort and collaboration because the system required adding it at the lowest level. Oracle Cloud applications — on the other hand — allow users to view and enter data at various levels, making collaboration much more efficient.

The company turned to Oracle for help, and Oracle, in turn, recommended partnering with Inspirage, Part of Accenture, to find a better way forward. Inspirage initially supported Oracle with cloud road mapping. That project led to an Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) pilot implementation at a single client manufacturing site, which provided the template for an eventual global rollout of Cloud ERP. Improving financial forecasting capabilities was a top priority for the company, so Inspirage also recommended implementing Oracle Cloud Demand Management (DM) and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) to enhance its supply chain planning.

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