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Wooden Toy Manufacturer

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$500 Million

Toy Manufacturer Navigates Business Growth and Modernization in the Oracle Cloud

As a renowned designer of classic wooden toys and play sets, one of our clients has established itself as a trusted name in products for children. Today, the organization boasts a portfolio of over 2,000 toys, crafts, and games, and its team is on a mission to encourage creativity and open-ended play for children worldwide. With an already substantial global presence, including warehouses throughout North America and 3PL operations in Europe, the organization has plans for continued growth.

Over time, its technology footprint expanded through a medley of home-grown systems, spreadsheets, and a few vendor-supplied applications. The legacy ERP solution had evolved to provide ERP, Warehouse Management, Procurement, and OMS (B2B) capabilities. This patchwork technology landscape negatively impacted the business, and our client was ready for a more modern cloud solution.

As the company embarked on its path to accommodate its growing business, streamline workflows, and modernize its operations, the team required a solution ready to meet these evolving needs. The company faced several critical challenges in its quest for growth and scalability. Namely, the organization relied on a home-built, custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system not equipped for expansion. This deficiency resulted in continuously growing manual workarounds and maintenance tasks burdening valuable team members.

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