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Inspirage helps 3PL scale its operations using modern Cloud applications – from ERP to HCM

A third-party logistics (3PL) provider, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and primarily serving a global furniture chain, wanted to expand beyond furniture. To fuel its growth and scale its operations, the company decided to transform its entire value chain including all systems and processes. Increased market share, service innovation and the development of a best-in-class platform within its industry were the central goals of the intended transformation. The business worked closely with Inspirage to overhaul its systems and implement modern scalable Cloud applications.

The 3PL firm started with core procure-to-pay processes and the applications supporting them. The business had been using Navision previously but was looking to transition to cloud solutions that were easier to use and manage, as well as better-suited to its increasingly mobile workforce. The organization also wanted cloud technology for future-proof operations that could keep up with its rapidly changing requirements. Having to rely on a mix of generic and legacy systems greatly reduced the speed of its business and also led to many preventable clerical errors.

With modern cloud applications in place and better processes implemented throughout the organization, the 3PL provider is well-positioned to extend its operations. Additional benefits are ultimately expected from the revised approach to transportation management, which has already contributed to an increase in on-time deliveries. The new SaaS solutions can also help various requests beyond its traditional domain of furniture orders.

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