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Semiconductor Test Equipment Manufacturer

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$500 million

Semiconductor Test Equipment Manufacturer Extends Multi-Year Digital Transformation with Oracle and Inspirage CX Solutions

Inspirage began working with our client, an international semiconductor equipment manufacturer, in 2018 to help implement innovative solutions for all its business processes. The first phase of the project, which went live in February of 2020, involved implementing core Oracle Cloud modules, including those for enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM), and enterprise performance management (EPM). The Inspirage team had been on site in Malaysia when the pandemic broke out but was able to finish the job and fly back home safely before lockdowns.

Our client continued to roll out those core modules to additional business units throughout 2021. Once the core modules were in place across the entire organization, the third phase of the project kicked off. That initiative encompassed the company-wide implementation of customer experience (CX) modules and solutions, including the Inspirage Customer Portal, which provides businesses with a single, unified platform for addressing the entire spectrum of their customers’ sales and post-sales service needs.

The company identified CX as a priority because it manufactures large machines and offers warranties to customers that cover the installation of those machines, repairs for breakdowns, regular replacement of spare parts, and in some cases, on-site visits. While Oracle’s CX solutions addressed most of the client’s needs, the company also wanted additional functionalities that Oracle does not provide out-of-the-box. Throughout this phase of the project, Inspirage was in regular contact with a dedicated Oracle account manager who brought critical issues to the attention of the right people at the right time. Thanks to Inspirage’s close, long-term relationship with Oracle, we were then able to work with Oracle’s product strategy and product development teams to successfully address those requirements.

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