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North America

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3.9 Billion

Pioneer in the online automotive retail industry achieves lofty goals with Oracle SCM Cloud

Innovative business models demand cutting-edge technologies and seamless workflows. Legacy systems and antiquated processes cannot provide the flexibility and scalability needed to support forward-thinking business strategies or rapid periods of growth and expansion. Our client, a disrupter changing the car buying status quo, recognized that its existing technological infrastructure — in particular, its inventory management system — was standing in the way of progress. The organization was filled with untapped potential, and the only way to start realizing that potential was to change the fundamental way it operated.

The crux of our client’s problem was that its outdated technology footprint no longer suited its needs. The company’s previous inventory management system was intended for organizations with smaller footprints and less complex operations. Reaching out to Inspirage for support, the company was able to replace its inventory management system with a more agile and flexible solution that’s designed to scale with its needs for years to come.

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