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North America

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$142 Million

Provider of Nutrient Technologies for Plants Migrates to Dozens of Oracle Cloud Applications for Greater Operational Effectiveness

Our client supplies farmers and growers with biological, nutritional, and seed treatment technologies that maximize the performance of high-value crops, turf, and ornamental plants. It designs solutions to improve crop uptake, minimize nutrient losses to the environment, and improve yields for all growers. The company has a diverse product portfolio and develops nutrient-use efficiency technologies that make farming more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Due to its rapid growth, this company had reached a point where it needed to replace and modernize its outdated supply chain and finance business operations. As a result of numerous acquisitions, our client relied on various siloed ERP systems to close its books. Completing the process took as many as 20 days each month. The organization concluded that migrating to the cloud to achieve end-to-end digital transformation could solve many of its problems.

A private equity firm owns this organization, and another business unit under the umbrella had previously worked with Inspirage to implement Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Based on the success of that project and the recommendation of a third-party selection consultant, the company engaged Inspirage, Part of Accenture, to conduct a multi-phase project implementing more than two dozen Oracle Cloud ERP and Supply Chain applications.

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