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Mobile Computing Company Reaches its Digitization Destination with Oracle Planning Cloud

For business owners, digitizing the workplace and its processes is no longer a recommendation — it is an out-and-out requirement. Digitization is uniquely pivotal to success in an ultra-competitive, consumer-driven economy where performance is everything. The centrality of digitization has never been more apparent than in a post-COVID world. The pandemic led to a host of challenges that organizations of all sizes continue to grapple with, from supply chain disruptions to reduced productivity to operational slowdowns caused by employment gaps.

One of our clients recognized well before the pandemic took hold that a digital-forward planning system was required not just to survive in its industry but to thrive. The client had three aims: transforming its Hardware division’s forward supply chain operations as well as its Service division’s reverse supply chain while reducing IT clock time on future enhancements across all lines of business.

One of the key objectives for the Hardware division was, “Give a date, keep a date.” Accomplishing it involved aligning sales order dates with supply chain fluctuations, enhancing forecast accuracy, leveraging new Backlog Management, cloud-only functionality, and improving safety stock planning. The Service division had unique targets, which included saving working capital, improving operating efficiencies, fair share allocation, and reducing new buy spend by factoring in repair yield and alternate parts inventory. With those goals in mind, IT hoped to accomplish digital transformation, consolidate software tools, enable new capabilities to support business needs, and employ best practices across the enterprise.

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