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Middle Eastern Auto Distributor

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Middle East

Company Size

$3 Billion

Automobile distributor moves to a fully integrated cloud solution

There’s a large movement underway in Saudi Arabia to diversify investments and reduce the kingdom’s reliance on crude oil to drive economic growth. Part of that overarching direction entails updating infrastructure and systems to support faster business processes, including replacing manual workflows with automation. Because our client is such a large organization, it has a lot of different software platforms and business processes used among various departments. In many cases, teams have cobbled together their own solutions that are wholly distinct from the software that other business units use.

Far too many of those solutions rely on manual workflows to properly manage, and that means more labor is needed to conduct business. Scaling up operations to meet increased demand or reach new markets would be extremely difficult as long as manual intervention was required to manage day-to-day tasks. In addition, the lack of any standardized processes prevented the organization from exploring outsourcing as a way to reduce costs and expand its services. Company leaders sought to retire these homegrown systems and replace them with a unified platform that could improve productivity and efficiency in the short term while laying the foundation for expansion in the future.

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