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NetSuite WMS Solutions Help Stabilize a Furniture Distributor’s Broken Supply Chain

Headquartered in Southern California, our client is an upscale furniture distributor that sells a wide variety of traditional and unique furnishings for homeowners’ bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and other spaces. Family-owned and nationally known, the company started out specializing exclusively in area rugs but eventually expanded its offerings. After 30 years of operation, the high-end furniture firm now boasts several brick-and-mortar retail and design centers throughout the United States.

With so many locations to monitor for production, coordination, and operational purposes, the client was utilizing both a warehouse management system (WMS) and an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. But as the organization grew over the years, its chosen software did not grow along with the company. In addition to needing to be more scalable, the legacy solutions lacked many features and functionalities that are included with more modern, cloud-based options. One prime example is that the ERP software lacked real-time integration with the WMS system and a custom solution had been built between the two systems. The respective software systems created performance issues for the client, making important tasks such as data entry tedious, cumbersome, and prone to manual input errors.

The company was also encountering problems that many furniture suppliers have been dealing with since the beginning of the pandemic: very long lead times. Due to supply chain bottlenecks that prevented furniture suppliers from obtaining the upholstery, parts, and other materials needed for fabrication, many customers were forced to wait significantly longer than usual for their items to arrive. Before the pandemic, many buyers could receive their orders within days, sometimes on the same day. Now, it can take several weeks or months, depending on the product. Delaying the delivery of orders has adversely affected customer satisfaction.

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