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Company Size

$20 Billion

Harmonizing Legacy Systems with Oracle Product Hub Cloud

An American computer storage company – one of the largest hard disk drive and solid-state disk drive manufacturers in the world – aimed to migrate to the cloud amid broad consolidation in its industry. However, it did not want to make the move by itself due to the challenges of managing each of its individual business entities during the transition. Inspirage had previously helped the organization with its supply chain management and was called upon again to guide the cloud transformation.

There is a lot of consolidation in the disk drive industry, and as one of the biggest manufacturers (a $20 billion company), this organization had already bought up considerable assets. The business’s revenue went from $5.3 billion to $8 billion in a year due to the acquisitions; however, the two newly acquired organizations were SAP customers, creating integration challenges. The biggest issue was that production data was segregated across disparate legacy systems. To harmonize and better govern this information, the disk manufacturer chose to move everyone to the Oracle cloud for a single source of truth. This would mean moving three Fortune 500 companies to the cloud at once and doing so alone would be fraught with challenges and complications. They needed a reliable partner to help with such a complex transition.
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