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Data Center Titan Centralizes Processes and Saves Time with Oracle Cloud PLM

When running a successful organization — be it a small business or a global one — growth is akin to improvement. There is always room for more of it. Even when you are among the largest, most influential brands in the world, as was the case for a recent multinational client of ours, processes can always be fine-tuned to deliver a better product in a timelier fashion. When such operations are optimized, growth and greater market share are easier to achieve.

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, this growth-minded data center titan turned to Inspirage for solutions that would allow the company to open and release more data centers, one of its specialties, to its current and prospective customer base. Relative to other well-known corporations, this tech company is quite young. Launched in the early 2000s, this client is one of the most prosperous companies in the world, with billions of subscribers leveraging its services and tens of thousands of employees.

Yet despite the company’s growth, the client was operating an Agile system for its product lifecycle management (PLM) needs. While Agile is well known, highly regarded, and effective PLM tool that thousands of organizations have used since it was originally introduced (Oracle acquired Agile in 2007), it is not scalable. For a business that had expanded substantially in its relatively short time in operation, Agile had outgrown its usefulness.

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