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$20 Million

Manufacturer Gains Better Visibility, Streamlined Reporting, and Faster Transaction Processing with NetSuite

Whether amateurs leverage them for DIY home renovations or by contracting experts and their team of hired hands, engineered solutions bring added simplicity and efficiency to projects of all kinds. From saws to pneumatic drivers to sharpening services, virtually any job around the house or project site is made endlessly easier through semi- or fully-automated equipment. Indeed, many complex activities — such as glass cutting — would be physically impossible to perform without the solutions that allow traditional, seemingly impermeable materials to be customized.

A recent client manufactures and designs solutions for cutting, joining, hanging, and automation. But the software systems the business was using to manage its work orders were (somewhat paradoxically) making their jobs harder, longer, and more arduous than they needed. They turned to Inspirage for a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution that would equip them with the technological capabilities to increase visibility, manage inventory, streamline reporting, and improve overall functionality across the business. In short, the client was looking for a powerful, scalable do-it-all-for-you software tool.

The solution was clear: NetSuite, a household name in ERP software, powered by Oracle since 2016. NetSuite is an ERP system that businesses of all sizes and industries have used successfully for their inventory, financials, customer relationship management, and e-commerce needs. With NetSuite, there is no hardware involved and no maintenance fees. It’s all accessed online in a single, convenient system.

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