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$4.8 Billion

Innovative Life Sciences Leader Expands Cloud Capabilities with Supply Chain and ERP Solutions

Our client develops and markets products that simplify, automate, and innovate complex biomedical testing. Over the years, it had become increasingly difficult to support its aging on-premises value chain planning solutions – Demantra and ASCP (Advanced Supply Chain Planning). Managing upgrades was a pain point for this client, complicated by the limited availability of constrained IT resources. Maintaining the company’s technology infrastructure — and the resources to support underlying operations — was becoming a daunting challenge.

In addition, the customization and system incompatibility of the aging on-premises solution hindered the company’s ability to take advantage of the latest features and best practices available in more modern cloudbased tools. Limited reporting capabilities required complex integrations with reporting tools. Scalability issues forced the supply plan to be split into many plans to accommodate the large amount of data. As a result, end-to-end supply and demand visibility suffered.

The company wanted to overcome these challenges — and, in doing so, lighten the IT department’s workload — by moving to a cloud subscription model and taking advantage of Oracle’s vast infrastructure capabilities, quarterly application upgrades, and robust support. Goals included leveraging industry-leading Oracle Cloud practices and continuous product improvements.

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