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Major agricultural co-operative gains flexibility with OTM and GTM Cloud

Shipping agricultural products, such as butter, quickly and flexibly across the globe requires highly efficient processes for regulatory compliance and transportation management. Because regulations — like those governing the byproducts an item must declare — differ between countries, organizations need systems that enable reliable access to accurate, up-to-date shipment data and documents, while also providing visibility into all related processes.

Before working with Inspirage, our client, an agricultural co-operative, had been relying on a combination of aging technology platforms and manual activities to support its international trade compliance and transportation operations. But with many different applications and sources of information in play, and minimal access to newer and more automated functionality, the company’s processes had become slow and error-prone.

This organization sought cloud-native functionality that would enable greater automation and the ability to manage by exception. Plus, the company wanted to deliver a simplified and unified structure for better overall system usability. The end result would be fewer delays and more dependable compliance for shipments. The company also wanted to take advantage of automatic releasing of enhancements from Oracle to ensure its platforms would always have the latest features and security fixes. Inspirage guided a migration to Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud and Global Trade Management (GTM) Cloud. As a result, our client realized superior visibility, accuracy, and usability across its trade operations.

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