Inspirage NetSuite & Planning Cloud Integration

Enables quick and easy data transfers between Oracle NetSuite and Oracle Planning Cloud

As the world becomes more interconnected than ever before, planning needs for organizations have increased over the last few years. The challenge of getting a product from the manufacturing unit to the customer’s doorstep, while maintaining optimal levels of inventory, respecting material and capacity constraints and reducing costs and supply chain disruptions, is something companies struggle to overcome. Organizations using specialized business applications such as Oracle NetSuite often require higher caliber demand and supply planning functionality. Oracle Planning Cloud is an industry leading cloud-based planning product which can be used by businesses to address these planning challenges. A strong integration solution is required, however, to ensure that industry leading capabilities of NetSuite ERP and Planning Cloud are utilized to their maximum.

Inspirage’s Oracle NetSuite & Planning Cloud Integration solution addresses this need. Inspirage provides an out-of-box integration solution between NetSuite and Planning Cloud, leveraging our iHub CS™ proprietary integration middleware platform with pre-built, ready-to-deploy connectors. The solution takes into consideration the necessary entities required for planning which can be configured from business to business, according to the industry. This integration seamlessly connects your supply chain business processes providing the relevant inputs to the Planning Cloud engine using the data stored in NetSuite. It also works in reverse, providing the right outputs back into NetSuite from Planning Cloud.
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