Inspirage’s Business as a Service Operating Model

Providing continuous customer contact and integrating industry-specific Oracle solutions throughout your enterprise

Traditionally, businesses purchase the products and services required for their daily operations on an as-needed basis. This practice often results in “asset-heavy” balance sheets and additional costs associated with monitoring and maintaining those assets. For suppliers of goods and services, the traditional model meant that customer engagement was inconsistent and revenue unpredictable. The paradigm is rapidly changing. Today, the Business as a Service model allows customers to obtain ongoing access to products and services. This allows businesses to maintain uninterrupted availability, remain “asset light,” and focus on value-add activities. At the same time, this model makes it possible for suppliers to generate predictable revenue and provide constant customer engagement.

Inspirage’s Business as a Service offering enables industry-specific, end-to-end business process integrations and configurations that link Oracle’s cloud-based modules with every aspect of an organization’s planning and operations. For example, we created a solution for one client that connected Oracle Field Service Cloud, B2B Service Cloud, Installed Base Cloud, and Subscription Cloud. The solution looks at the activity completion date for the installation work order of an asset in Field Service. It uses that information to create updates in B2B Service and Installed Base, which then triggers the extension of the warranty end date for the installed product.
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