Inspirage Integrated Quoting and Promising

Check availability of products while supplying quotes in CPQ

With every new sales opportunity comes a demand for quotations and knowing the availability of materials is imperative. However, users often do not have this insight. Without a feasible way to guarantee availability, a salesperson may need to spend time contacting manufacturers and planners directly or referring to a manual data sheet matrix with unrealistic pre-defined lead times. This may cause delays in responses to RFQs from prospective customers and reduce the probability of winning the quotation.

The Inspirage Integrated Quoting and Promising solution enables users to assess material availability during the quotation process. This solution provides a seamless integration between Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Global Order Promising (GOP) Cloud and gives availability based on current supply and demand. During the quotation transaction in CPQ, the user can click the “Check Availability” button to find the expected ship and arrival dates from the GOP instance. GOP references refreshed supply and demand data in the source instance and returns realistic available dates.
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