Inspirage Enterprise Data Readiness Assessment Framework

Companies recognize enterprise transformation as an opportunity to revisit and redesign business processes and address longstanding data management issues. Product, Customer and Supplier Data Hubs are typically implemented first, either on-premise or in the cloud; however, most businesses underestimate the level of effort involved. Data profiling, cleaning and conversion to these data hubs can add additional risk and reduce the benefit of these implementations.

Oftentimes during a transformation initiative, there is not a separate data team or track. The project management, legacy and target teams all incorrectly assume that the ownership of clean data rests with someone else. After go-live, and once the project team has disbanded, the data stewards become aware that data issues from the source systems have carried over as-is to the new systems. Unfortunately, they often have little time to spare on proactively addressing existing data issues with the data owners. The implications are clear: before a “digital” transformation can occur, there needs to be a “data” transformation.

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