Inspirage Enterprise Control Tower

A supply chain hub that provides enterprise visibility, decision-making, and execution based on near real-time analytics to improve business performance and manage supply chain risk

Control Tower

The modern supply chain is global, complex, and must evolve to meet new demands and proactively manage supply chain risks and challenges. A recurring challenge is visibility and transparency into end-to-end business operations. This issue is heightened by organizational silos and legacy systems that do not allow for effective collaboration internally and externally. Over the last 2 years, 90% of the world’s data was created and this is predicted to increase by 10% further by 2025. Supply chain executives are under pressure to meet increasing customer requirements, support growth opportunities profitably, become more agile, and manage greater external risks. Fortunately, digital technological advances, such as cloud, offer ways to connect supply chain nodes regardless of the underlying execution platform.

Inspirage’s Enterprise Control Tower is a proprietary methodology providing the required technology, organization, and processes that are aligned with strategic objectives to deliver improved planning and decision-making along with better risk management and mitigation. Inspirage provides strategic services to initiate, design, and deploy your control tower which includes:

  • Organizational design and governance
  • Data management
  • Change management
  • Systems architecture
  • Tailoring our Enterprise Control Tower platform to your organization

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