Inspirage Depot Repair Management

Streamline reverse logistics to cut costs and improve operational efficiency

Depot repair manages the repair of damaged products returned by customers. It tracks the repair process from the time products are received into inventory to the point they are shipped back to the customer after repair. During this process, users can verify support service coverage for the damaged product, diagnose the problem with the product, estimate the cost of repair to the customer, obtain customer approval for the price of repair, and define repair jobs in Oracle Cloud Maintenance to resolve the problem. At the end of the repair process, users can create a repair order detailing the charges to the customer for the repair and choose to create a repair order before the repair is complete.

Inspirage’s Depot Repair Management solution addresses both issues with a custom solution that complements the standard Oracle solution. For example, it improves visibility to custom statuses on the Service Request by using Groovy scripts to allow for custom user-defined statuses based on certain business events. This gives customer service agents visibility to the various stages in the lifecycle of the repair. In addition, it also uses deep link functionality to access Service Requests in maintenance work orders. As a result, Repair Centers can access Service Request-related information from the maintenance work order user interface.
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