INSIA Digital Assistant

Modernize your Oracle ERP/SCM user experience with instant answers to your questions and complete transactions with your ERP


Your company is now live on Oracle Cloud ERP/SCM, but your employees are still challenged to get to the information that they need to efficiently perform their jobs. They are still adapting to the new system and all the support material – training documents, SOPs and policy documents – is lost in a knowledge management portal somewhere. In order to perform daily lookups, users often find themselves having to navigate through multiple screens and complex filters. All this time spent could be costing your company millions in lost productivity and employee morale.

Inspirage Supply Chain Intelligent Application (INSIA) offers an intuitive one-stop source for information tailored to your organization’s needs. Using a natural conversational user interface, you can execute business transactions, query live business data and seek guidance on Oracle ERP/SCM applications. INSIA features the ability to source accurate, real-time updates from Oracle SCM apps using natural language queries, completely doing away with the need to access the application for daily lookups. INSIA can also serve as the gatekeeper to all your user guides, SOPs and process documents – delivering them directly to the user when they need them.

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