Field Service Cloud Solutions for High-Tech & Medical Devices

Seamless management of multi-segment service activities and more

Dispatch managers overseeing field service operations in the high-tech industry who lack a system to monitor multi-day activities such as new equipment installations, repairs, and upgrades are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. When service department personnel rely on manual processes to track activities and plan for the installation of equipment at customer locations, dispatchers face significant challenges assigning the right field service engineers — i.e., those with the exact skills and expertise required for the customer’s specific product and geographic region. In that situation, dispatchers must perform all the tasks related to each job’s planning, work allocation, completion tracking, customer acceptance, and expensing using Excel spreadsheets, email, and/or paper. Monitoring jobs for an extended period becomes a burden for the management team. 

In addition, field engineers are also at a distinct disadvantage when manual processes are used. Tracking field activity and expenses incurred for work orders can be cumbersome. Finally, documents that are not prepared in an electronic format are often difficult to retrieve and reconcile when a dispute arises.

Inspirage Field Service Cloud solutions help dispatch managers in high-tech enterprises identify and create multi-day service activities as well as check them against the related service requests. The Field Service dispatch console helps dispatchers quickly check for available skilled resources in the appropriate region, assign and schedule work, and notify field engineers. Users can track lead times when responding to customer requests and deliver timely resolutions. Engineers and administrators can also easily monitor and update activity details when they are in the field. 

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