Automated Testing Framework

Easier, faster, and more reliable testing

Automated Test Framework

Many businesses use a manual regression testing process to check their current software for performance after a change or upgrade. But they fail to realize that regression testing, when performed manually, can have a major downside. These manual tests can be a drain on resources and time, provide inconsistent results, produce errors, increase costs, and even delay projects. Moreover, with the updates, configuration, patching, and other modifications continually being released for cloud applications, it’s critical that you have a systematic method of validating that the new release will not have a negative impact on your production environment.

Inspirage has developed an Automated Testing Framework that replaces manual testing by automating some of the repetitive, but necessary, tasks used in regression testing. It is essential in an agile environment, like those that are inherently part of cloud deployments, that organizations be able to quickly run tests on patches and updates. The framework does this by using a series of test scenarios to compare actual outcomes with predicted results. With the Automated Testing Framework from Inspirage, businesses can save time and resources that would normally be spent on inefficient, manual tasks.

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