Demand Signal Repository

Inspirage is a leading implementer of Demand Signal Repository. To stay competitive, manufacturers must leverage retail channel insights better than ever before. Oracle® Demand Signal Repository collects, harmonizes and interprets retail and distributor channel data, helping companies improve the execution of promotions and new product introductions while reducing out-of-stocks at the store shelf. The result is a more demand-driven enterprise with richer demand plans, more accurate retail execution, and a more streamlined IT environment.

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Leverage downstream data to enable profitable growth while reducing IT complexity and cost

Companies that sell consumer products have historically relied on their own shipment records and third-party syndicated consumption data to understand consumer demand. However, today many leading retailers share store-level point of sale (POS), inventory and other retail demand signals directly with their suppliers. These new data sources can greatly enhance insight into shopper behavior and store operations, but their diversity and volume make them difficult to manage and interpret. Oracle Demand Signal Repository combines the strengths of  Oracle’s database, BI and retail application technologies to deliver the first enterprise-class solution for leveraging downstream demand data. It offers the scalability, extensibility and performance today’s leading consumer goods and high technology consumer products companies require to serve global customers. By shifting the focus from finding common ground to pursuing joint value creation, Oracle Demand Signal Repository can improve retailer, manufacturer (OEM)/supplier relationships.

Demand Signal Repository Features:

  • Dedicated application to capture and manage large volumes of external demand data
  • Proven, scalable retail data model
  • Robust library of facts, measures and attributes
  • Automated exception alerts to out-of-stocks, promotion compliance and other operational issues
  • Pre-built category management reporting
  • Pre-built manufacturer promotion dashboard to analyze in-flight promotion effectiveness
  • Pre-built scorecard dashboards based on GS1 Trading Partner Performance Management standards
  • Ad hoc query and analysis capabilities for users to create their own reports and dashboards
  • Pre-built integration of cleansed, harmonized data to Oracle Demantra
  • Standards-based integration of cleansed, harmonized data to non-Demantra applications

Key Benefits:

  • Improve demand insights
  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Improve sell-through
  • Improve promotion effectiveness

Capture and manage large volumes of disparate external demand data

Oracle Demand Signal Repository is a centralized, dedicated application designed to capture, cleanse, and harmonize large volumes of complex, disparate external demand data. The foundation of the Demand Signal Repository is an extensible, retail-oriented data model that captures and manages retail point of sale and inventory information at the day, store, and SKU level, or even at lower levels (for example, inventory and sell through information from individual inventory locations within a store).

Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides the capability to capture and manage thousands of measures and attributes corresponding to individual item, retailer, and store demographic information. In addition, Oracle Demand Signal Repository maintains a unique set of item, geographic, organizational and calendar hierarchies for each individual retailer. This enables Oracle Demand Signal Repository to transform data from external sources that can be analyzed and reported in the manufacturer’s or individual retailer’s hierarchy and calendar. The application is also designed to capture and manage competitor data. Therefore, if competitor data is available, a manufacturer can capture and analyze competitor data as well as the manufacturer’s own data.

Analyze and take action based on real-time insights

Oracle Demand Signal Repository includes the best-in-class analytical capabilities of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to help business users develop and act on demand data insights. This includes the ability to personalize the analysis as well as automatically output the analysis to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint for executive briefings. Using Oracle Demand Signal Repository, companies can get a near real time picture of retail store level sales and inventory management trends and can identify potential problems as well as areas of opportunity.

Flexible analysis and alerting

All parts of the organization can take advantage of Oracle Demand Signal Repository by choosing the dashboards, measures, data granularity, and hierarchies that best address their needs. In addition, Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides targeted alerts to enable exception-based processes and workflow. For example, key account team members can receive alerts when sales performance of a new product in a specific territory drops below weekly or even daily targets. Alerts can be set-up to notify stakeholders via their preferred medium – text message, PDF report, or spreadsheet.  Exceptions can also trigger applications to take automated actions.

Pre-built dashboards and reports to start quickly

Oracle Demand Signal Repository includes a set of pre-packaged reports and dashboards designed to support category management and trading partner scorecard capabilities that accelerate time to value. The category management dashboard enable category and brand managers to investigate performance trends and establish a sound category performance plan. They offer category coverage, category penetration, and retail financial analysis.

Oracle Demand Signal Repository also includes a manufacturer promotion dashboard to analyze in-flight promotions by promotion type. It detects deviations in expected performance and identifies inventory or promotion compliance issues to improve the overall execution of promotions and new product introductions.

To monitor the health of trading relationships, the Oracle Demand Signal Repository scorecard dashboard displays the progress of key operational and financial KPIs within a trading partner relationship on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Users can drill down to investigate trends and identify areas for further investigation. Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides true ad hoc query and reporting capabilities to enable creation of individual analyses. Even casual users can create and customize reports through a logical view of the complete library of available measures, facts, attributes and hierarchies, expressed in user-friendly terms and accessed via a simple user interface.

Integrate clean, harmonized demand data to other applications

Oracle Demand Signal Repository provides clean, harmonized demand and inventory data to complementary applications like demand planning, trade promotion analysis and optimization, sales and operations planning, retail execution, and product lifecycle management via web services. This web services-based approach enables Oracle Demand Signal Repository to support systemic operational improvements in a wide variety of functional areas through integration with other applications – even in highly heterogeneous application environments.

Pre-built integration with the Oracle Demantra solution, enables you to leverage best-in-class functionality for demand management and shaping. The wide variety of external data can be used to more accurately predict demand for products and shape demand through the right mix of promotions, while enhancing sales and operations planning to meet operating constraints and budgets.


Consumer goods and high tech consumer product companies are aggressively competing to convert increasingly large, complex, and disparate sets of downstream data into insights that enable improved decision making and execution across the enterprise. Only Oracle can offer the database, data cleansing, BI, application and hardware technologies needed to deliver a complete scalable Demand Signal Management solution from a single vendor. You can deploy Oracle Demand Signal Repository stand-alone or integrated with other Value Chain Planning applications when deploying related products.

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