Warehouse Management

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)  provides a robust warehouse solutions platform to efficiently manage the flow of goods and warehouse resources across a wide variety of business processes – including order fulfillment, manufacturing, field service, inbound logistics-from receipt, inspection to storage, counting and replenishment.

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Oracle WMS enables companies to improve efficiencies by optimizing resource usage and material flows across a global supply chain on a single platform.  Oracle WMS’s new distributed deployment capability challenges the traditional idea of integration by providing a seamless, yet decoupled warehouse management solution.  Oracle WMS’s pre-integration with core enterprise processes and use of standards-based technologies bring you the lowest total cost of ownership

Key Processes Supported

  • Warehouse Resource Optimization—Picking & Putaway: Oracle WMS enables users to optimize resources using rules based execution based on configurable parameters like velocity, volume and material classifications rules.
  • Advanced Wave Planning: Minimizing material movements, optimizing labor resources, and tightly integrating warehouse activities with transportation planning;
  • Demand-Driven Replenishment of High-Volume Items: Minimizing labor movement, improving labor productivity, and reducing pick-time in outbound flows;
  • Cross-Docking: Synchronizing warehouse material handling with transportation activities, eliminating unnecessary inbound material handling steps, and increasing material velocity.

Business Value of Oracle WMS

  • Transform logistics into a source of competitive differentiation through increased agility
  • Scale operations quickly by deploying decoupled, Distributed Warehouse Management
  • Improve warehouse speed and efficiency increases customer service levels Increase inventory accuracy and labor productivity improves your bottom line
  • Reduce costs of handling process exceptions and business changes
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