Transportation Planning

The Transportation Operational Planning module is an integrated option for Oracle Transportation Management.  It supports all transportation moves, including domestic & international, inbound and outbound and all modes of transportation.  It is flexible enough to be configured for simple point-to-point to complex multi-modal, multi-leg routes.  It supports cross-docking operations as well as pool points.

Oracle Transportation Operational Planning uses state-of-the-art optimization techniques to determine the best way to service your transportation needs. You can optimize mode and carrier selection, equipment and rate selection,  order consolidation, multi-stop shipment planning – in a single planning run,  It respects your business constraints such as pickup/delivery times, location constraints,   calendars, compatibilities, etc. Oracle Transportation Operational Planning is built to handle complex, multi-tier networks across geographies and modes enabling you to plan and execute your global business network in a single instance, single platform solution.

Integrated Planning, Execution & Visibility

Oracle Transportation Operational Planning enables shippers and logistics service providers to streamline transportation processes and meet customer commitments. It lowers transportation costs to improve the bottom while improving  customer service.

  • Integrate your entire logistics operation from vendor to manufacturing as well as transport to customers.
  • Execute logistics best practices to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Collaborate with suppliers and customers, and service providers to ensure high quality service.
  • Provide consolidated information to support cost effective global shipments.

Logistics Processes Supported

  • Carrier and Equipment Selection based on Capacity
  • Constraint Based Planning
  • Order and Load Consolidation
  • Fleet and Contract Carriage Planning
  • Continuous Moves
  • Load configuration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Warehouse Flow Management
  • Simulation Planning
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