Agile Product Collaboration (PC)

With ever-increasing pressure to increase the pace of product innovation and to improve management of product cost, quality and compliance, it is vital to improve product management across the extended product network. This involves the enablement of more efficient processes, with increasing visibility to the broader product community, and the collaboration on a consistent set of product content, having the appropriate security in place.

Inspirage is a leading implementer of the Agile Product Collaboration™ application from Oracle, which provides enterprise visibility, management and collaboration of new and changing product record information across the product lifecycle and the extended supply chain. Agile PC also serves as the foundation for product lifecycle management (PLM), providing the product data management capabilities, with integrative potential to broader PLM processes, such as cost management, portfolio & project management, compliance management, quality management, and other enterprise processes associated with the product record.

The Agile Integration Framework provides a robust means of integrating Agile PC to authoring tools as well as execution systems, and leverages an event framework for triggering process and data integrations at specified points in your product processes.

Key Agile Product Collaboration Features:

  • Product Definition
  • Change Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Manufacturer and Supplier Management
  • Distributed Manufacturing
  • Easy to learn user experience

Key Benefits:

  • Improves time to market
  • Decreases time to volume
  • Lowers product costs
  • Reduces scrap & rework
  • Streamlines product change cycle

Featured Solutions:

Inspirage has significant experience and expertise in extending the value of Agile PC, including such concepts as:

  • Enabling validation routines in your product processes, based on pre-determined business logic and requirements
  • Automating key elements of your business process, such as change approval participation, definition and/or propagation of data elements
  • Cascading functionality based on defined business logic; pushing the security model through BOMs, based on the Parent object, etc.
  • Enhancing integrations between Agile PC and CAD tools, using the PC Design Object
  • Automating the definition of manufacturing BOMs from the engineering BOM
  • Implementing Unique Device Identifier (UDI) compliance by integrating Agile PC with the FDA’s Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID)
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