Women’s History Month Women at Work Profile: Pam Vivio

On Logistics, Confidence, Fulfillment, and Family



To celebrate Women’s History Month in March (and International Women’s Day on March 8th), Inspirage highlights women who have made significant achievements in the technology industry, including those on the Inspirage team.

Some of the most important pioneers in the tech industry were women, yet women in the field remain underrepresented today. According to a recent report from the Women Tech Network citing World Bank data, women hold fewer than one-third of the jobs in technology-related fields worldwide. With that in mind, we are highlighting some of the women we work with and admire, allowing them to share their experiences in technology, starting with Inspirage’s Pam Vivio, Senior Director, Logistics Management.

Pam — who is also a member of the Oracle Transportation Management Special Interest Group (OTM SIG) Board of Directors — recently shared insight into her career trajectory, being the only woman in the room, and her passions outside of work. Here is what she had to say…

What drew you to the technology industry?  

Pam Vivio (PV): When I went to college, I had not planned to work in technology. After graduating with my master’s degree, I accepted a position with a software company that developed a warehouse management system. After working with them for a couple of years, I went to work for SeaLand. At SeaLand, I was responsible for monitoring and tracking ocean containers traveling from all parts of the world. While working here, I was introduced to technology and EDI (electronic data interchange) and gained valuable logistics experience. I then went to work for G-Log, a global logistics company, where I combined my interest in technology and software development with my experience in logistics. At the time, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. In 2005, Oracle acquired G-Log and incorporated the transportation management platform into its supply chain offering. I continue to work in logistics, leveraging innovative Oracle products to help customers overcome their most complex logistics challenges and create cost savings for their transportation networks.

What is one of the most significant challenges you have faced as a woman in the workplace? 

PV: Throughout my career, I was often in situations where I was the only woman in a room dominated by men. Early in my career, there were times when I felt intimidated. At some point in my career, I realized that I was in the room because I had the knowledge to be there, regardless of gender. That gave me even more confidence to share my expertise with the audience, irrespective of their levels.

What makes working in the technology industry rewarding?

I love working in the technology industry because it is constantly changing. Prior to the pandemic, it was difficult to explain logistics to people. Today, however, the spotlight on logistics could not be brighter. In a post-pandemic environment, companies recognize the need for advanced technology to manage their daily operations proactively instead of reactively.

Where do you look for guidance when faced with a tough professional challenge?

PV: Whether it’s a personal or professional challenge, I look to my mom for guidance. She is almost 90 years old, has lived a full life, and always seems to have the right answers. No matter how innovative technology is and how it helps us become more efficient, there is nothing quite like the advice of your mother, especially one who has witnessed so many technological advancements.

What has been your most significant career and/or personal achievement? 

PV: As I have grown, I have realized that success is important. However, I also treasure my family time. I follow Tony Robbins, who says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” I try to live by this motto since all the money in the world doesn’t buy happiness. I enjoy the work that I do in technology. Seeing a company’s goals achieved because of a role I played in implementing robust and agile technology solutions brings a sense of accomplishment and puts a smile on my face — but spending quality family time and being active and charitable in my community is what truly makes me happy.

Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of working in the tech world?

PV: I enjoy spending time with my husband and two boys, who are nine and 12. We like to participate in outdoor activities like skiing and camping and we love cooking together as a family. My husband started a chain of healthy, fast-casual restaurants several years ago that has grown to almost 50 locations. We also enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants to explore recent food trends.

Women's History Month

As a key player on Inspirage’s logistics team, Pam works with customers across all industries delivering transformative business solutions to supply chain challenges. Inspirage is your one-stop shop for Logistics Management and supply chain solutions. Whether your organization requires assistance with a solution to manage your transportation and delivery services, ensure proper product classification, or efficiently track your inventory, Inspirage’s team of specialists has the skills, processes, solutions, and technical know-how to bring cost-efficiency to delivery, predictability to inventory, and reliability to your global supply chain. Pam is one of the noteworthy women who contribute to our shared success daily.

Please continue to watch this space in the weeks ahead as we use the occasion of Women’s History Month to celebrate some of the other noteworthy women of Inspirage.

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Tom Downey is a Content Marketing Specialist at Inspirage.