Inspirage in Focus at ODTUG Kscope22: Flagstar’s Journey to the Cloud

How Cloud EPM helped one bank reach new heights of efficiency and productivity

The highlight of ODTUG’s annual Kscope conference is the opportunity to hear real-world success stories and lessons learned shared by Oracle technology users and experts from across the globe. In that spirit, Inspirage will be hosting seven presentations at Kscope22 in Grapevine, Texas, this June. One of those sessions, “Flagstar Bank’s Migration Journey from On-premise to Cloud EPM,” will tell how Inspirage helped a client in the financial industry move to the cloud to overcome the inefficiencies and performance issues associated with its legacy on-prem platform.

Best practices in action

By implementing Oracle Cloud EPM, Flagstar was able to significantly reduce manual errors, improve accuracy, streamline budgeting processes, consolidate data, enhance the performance of calculations, and deploy best practices in income statement and balance sheet reporting.

Presented by Flagstar Bank Financial Systems Manager Damon A. Hrydziuszko and Inspirage EPM Senior Practice Director Vince Tran, the session will provide an overview of how Flagstar’s successful pivot to the cloud resulted in reduced IT costs, increased agility, and more efficient planning processes. As an added benefit, staff no longer has to be on-site to access data.

Cloud EPM

Better outcomes

Today, Flagstar is in a stronger position relative to its competitors because Inspirage helped it achieve more efficient workflows and the maximum flexibility businesses need to drive productivity. To prepare for ODTUG Kscope22 ahead of time, please read our Flagstar Customer Spotlight.

“Flagstar Bank’s Migration Journey from On-premise to Cloud EPM” takes place June 20th from 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM in Texas 6. Mark your calendar and register for Kscope22 today if you have not already. Get your Inspirage discount for ODTUG Kscope2022 now and save an extra $100 when you register. Use the Inspirage promotional code: INS22.

Going to Kscope22?

Please reach out to me if you’ll be attending Kscope22. I would love to meet up to have coffee, invite you to our special Inspirage customer event, and hear about what’s on your mind these days! You can reach me at

Camille De La Cruz | Key Contributor

Camille De La Cruz is a Solution Director covering the Small and Medium Business segment for Inspirage in the TOLA and Southeast Regions, United States. Camille has 15 years of senior-level business development and technology sales experience across multiple verticals and industries. She has a proven track record of success in the professional services, technology sales & business advisory sectors having been recognized as a top performer at such companies as Oracle, Vertical Edge Consulting Group, Volusion E-Commerce, and H-11 Digital Forensics. Prior to entering the enterprise technology space, Camille provided professional advisory services to small businesses including an extensive focus on the food and beverage industry.