Same Company. New Look.

We are the exact same Inspirage we were last week. Exact same name but we have refreshed our look and language to represent our brand more appropriately, to truly reflect who we are today.

We have had an incredible journey since we founded the company in 2007. This journey has been especially dramatic in the past three years. There’s been a dramatic shift in the supply chain over the past few years and today point solutions are no longer enough.

In order to compete, companies must now deploy suites of end-to-end functionality, while transforming their business processes, analytics, data architecture and more. From “ideation-to-commercialization” to “plan to produce” and all steps in between, we call this the “integrated supply chain.”

We are still Inspirage. We are now THE

Integrated Supply Chain Specialists™

Today we launch a new website and a new logo. Our singular commitment to our customers’ success remains. What has changed is our new focus as integrated supply chain specialists committed to delivering breakthrough operational excellence for our clients in all areas from innovation to execution, or in other words from design to delivery.

Our actions and the work we do define our brand, not the other way around. This effort at the brand refresh is reflected in who we have become and where we are heading. Great companies don’t rest on their laurels. They continually evolve to meet the ever-changing challenges of the market and we have demonstrated time and again that we don’t shy away from this challenge.

Our brand refresh is one more example of actions we are taking to adapt to a changing market landscape with Cloud taking more prominence, and reaching our audience more effectively in a socially-networked era.

Are you ready?

Wherever you are in the continuum of moving towards an integrated supply chain—from a single project to improve one step, to a transformational overhaul—we continue to have the most experienced people and solutions in the world to help you get it done on time, on budget, and delivering all the value you expect.

Moving to this integrated, agile supply chain won’t be simple. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and it requires expertise that spans the supply chain from beginning to end. Contact us to get started on your journey.

Srini Subramanian | Key Contributor

Srini Subramanian is a co-founder and the CEO of Inspirage. Srini is a recognized leader in the field of supply chain management, as he has designed large-scale global supply chain planning solutions and advised global Fortune 500 firms in various SCM areas.