The Plan-To-Produce solution offers comprehensive integrated manufacturing and planning capabilities designed to achieve manufacturing excellence without expensive overhead costs

Plan: Concurrently balance supply and demand, and gain management insight into your extended supply chain

Make: Visually define your production process and efficiently create, execute, and cost your work orders

Optimize: Leverage systems and analytics for visibility, agility, customer responsiveness, and complex global accounting


Our proven track record of innovative, award-winning Supply Chain Planning and Execution solutions will enable profitable growth, flexibility, and responsiveness

  • Long history of Industry and Analyst recognition which certifies our exceptional capabilities to deliver value
  • Process simplification and user empowerment which help clients achieve their goals of efficiency and flexibility
  • Innovators in developing stand-alone Planning solutions and proprietary integration tools providing unique planning solutions to any ERP ecosystem
  • Attained Cloud Excellence Implementer accreditation from Oracle globally showing our expertise is not limited to just one region, but is global

Oracle Applications

Planning Central: Forecasts demand, manages an organization’s safety stock, and generates material and resource plans in minutes

Demand Management: Combines proven forecasting algorithms with flexible analytics to anticipate customer demand

Supply Planning: Offers simpler, faster, and better tools to bridge the gap between strategic optimization and tactical improvisation

Sales and Operations Planning: Enables you to implement a continuous and forward-looking process that profitably aligns product, demand, and supply plans with your strategic and financial objectives​

Global Order Promising: Helps you meet customer expectations by promising delivery based on actual supply across all sources including inventory, production capacity, and purchases from suppliers​

Supply Chain Collaboration: Enables you to plan supply with your partners, manage contract manufacturing activities, and monitor business-to-business messaging​​

Product HubDrive superior omni-channel commerce, accelerate product introduction, streamline trading partner collaboration, and ensure compliance within any IT environment

Manufacturing: Helps firms compete in today’s global market by providing new and better tools to run their shop floor​

Maintenance: Efficiently plan and execute work with an integrated solution that connects your organization’s maintenance, supply chain, and financial applications, maximizing productivity

Quality Management: Provides an enterprise solution to define, identify, analyze, and correct quality events and improve the overall effectiveness, safety, and profitability of your products and services​

Inventory ManagementOffers a complete materials management solution aiding companies to successfully manage flow of goods: inbound and outbound